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Tips and ideas for parties and events

your free birthday party guide and planner
Your Free Birthday Party Guide And Planner
Here is some free advice to mothers and other birthday party planners that you are can use in planning for that special birthday party.

Ask for a definite response to any invitations sent out and check the list with your birthday son or daughter.
the ideal age to hire an entertainer for a childrens party
The ideal age to hire a childrens entertainer for a party.
The age of the children at a birthday party is a factor in the planning of your birthday Party show. There will always be some variety of ages at most parties, especially those given for the very young. Many children who are in pre-school won't get the same out of a party as a child who is a bit older.
ideas for birthday party games
Ideas for birthday Party games
If you are wanting to do the party games yourself then here are some ideas that you can use. Party games should be fun and exciting for all the children. The best idea is for non-elimination games..
invitations and decorations for kids birthday parties
Invitations and Decorations for Kids Birthday Parties
The use of decorations such as party banners and balloons are far more important for parties for children than any party that is planned for adults. All children love the look of any party and the use of a few well placed decorations will make the party even better.
how to use balloons effectively to make your party special
How to use balloons effectively to make your party special
Using coloured balloons as decoration at parties is a cost effective way of adding excitement and fun at children's parties. It is always a good idea to use balloons as decorations and make sure that some are out of reach of the children then towards the end of the party these can be let down and scattered on the floor as the children are leaving whilst the music is playing.
traditional and unique party games and ideas
Traditional and Unique Party Games and Ideas
Playing is important in a child's life. Without some sort of entertainment children will get bored and frustrated. It plays an important role in the upbringing of a child. It helps a child develop his or her skills and help them learn new things. Entertainment and recreation also gives parents a chance to have a rest from their children while they are busy.
most common questions asked for parties
Most common questions asked for parties
With so many children's entertainers about you really want to make sure that you choose the best one for your event and so I have compiled a list of some of the main questions that I am often asked to save you time in your search for a good children's entertainer and full party organiser
the right choice for party entertainment
The right choice for party entertainment
Celebrating children's birthdays can be as fun and entertaining for parents as it is for their children. Birthday cakes, balloons and themes are generally popular at children's parties, and parents have the opportunity to mix and mingle with the parents of their children's friends.
free tips for planning a birthday party
Free tips for planning a birthday Party
Every party, regardless of size, place or theme, requires some planning.

Normally, the larger the event, the more planning required. For example, weddings are usually planned about two years ahead, but it is not unusual to find people planning their wedding for an even longer period of time.
choosing the right food for a birthday party
Choosing the right food for a birthday Party
This is not the time to try out that new recipe that you had wanted to test and it also isn't necessary to spend a fortune on food from shops. Just because it is a birthday party doesn't mean that children will eat more than what they usually do at meal times. The best way is to stick to simple and colourful food. Children enjoy colourful things and this is no different where food is concerned.
tips for hiring a childrens entertainer
Tips for hiring a childrens entertainer
Does the following sound familiar?

I have run out of party ideas!! My child's birthday party is coming up and I don't know what to do. I have thought about booking someone to run the party, I want it to be a unique and interesting party, especially if I am paying someone to run it. What am I going to do?
ten top tips for hiring a good entertainer
Ten top tips to hiring a good entertainer
1. Who are they?

Many entertainers work for large organisations and they all go under the same name such as "Magic Sam the Magic Man" for example. When you locate someone who you think is suitable, see that you will be getting that person and that you haven't landed on a company based website.
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