Derbyshires magic rabbit Snowy - used in the magic show .
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Derby childrens entertainer Stuart Brown

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Party bag goodies for Birthday Parties, Schools, Weddings etc.

    Welcome to our party shop for Derby Childrens entertainer Stuart Brown.  Apart from keeping the little ones entertained with a magic show, fun and games we can also supply items for party bags.  Whilst we can provide pre-filled childrens party bags for parties, weddings etc. it may be that you just want a few items to top up any that you are putting together yourself.  This is where we can come in and save you money.

    All the items listed below are in stock and available for you.  If you are having a party where Magic Stuart and Snowy the live rabbit have been invited to keep the children entertained then any purchased items below canl be brought along to the party where you will be able to add them to any party bags you may have already done or are preparing.

     So if you are struggling to decide what to put in the party bags, have no fear as below you will see that we have put together a massive collection of fun and exciting kids party bag fillers for you to choose from that are perfect for children of all ages from 3yrs old upwards.                       
    Designed to keep the fun going until well after the party has ended, party bags are an incredibly important part of any celebration! Children (and adults) love opening them up to reveal the exciting toys and treats you’ve provided, so it’s important to get them right.

   In our range, you’ll find a huge variety of girls, boys, and unisex party bag fillers that are guaranteed to put a smile on the little ones faces well after the party or event has finished.  Simply pick from a variety of exciting toys and gifts, which we are adding to all the time.

    If you are still not sure what to put in party bags then why not let us handle it with our prefilled party bags, each one stuffed with exciting and popular party toys and treats for them to play with.. 

Simply hover the mouse over each pic to see further details, all sizes are approx.

All items are 20p each.
4 mini colour pencils 9cm long
6 colour wax crayons 9cm long
35mm bounce balls
A6 size Alien sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Butterflies and Bugs sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Christmas sticker book (blue cover) 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Dinosaur sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Fairy sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Farm sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size fun puzzle book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Jungle sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Mini doodle pads 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Monster sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size pirate sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size Princess sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
A6 size racing car sticker book 10.5 X 15cm
building bricks maze puzzle 5cm
Butterfly gliders 12.5 x 16.5cm
Car erasers 3cm x 6cm
Christmas maze puzzles 5cm
Christmas themed notepads 5.5 x 9.5cm
Dinosaur rubber topped pencils 17cm
Dinosaur stickers 10 x 12cm
Dome smile face poppers 4.5cm
Duck noise maker 8 x 8.5cm
Fairy stickers  10 x 12cm
Fairy wands 16.5cm
Farm animal stickers  10 x 12cm
Finger frights
Holographic spinning tops 7.5cm
Jungle stickers 10 x 12cm
Monster gliders
Monster stickers 10 x 12cm
Pirate stickers 10 x 12cm
Push out put together toys
Retro monster stickers 10 x 12cm
Sea life stickers 10 x 12cm
Stretchy man 5.5cm
Wiggly snakes 37cm
Xmas - Christmas sticker book (yellow cover)  A6 size
Alien jigsaw puzzles 13 X 13cm
Football jigsaw puzzles 13 X 13cm
Sealife jigsaw puzzles 13 X 13cm
Pirate jigsaw puzzles 13 X 13cm
Jungle jigsaw puzzles 13 X 13cm
Animal jigsaw puzzles. 13 X 13cm
Dinosaur glider
Push down pop up toy
Mini football fun stickers
Stars stickers
Sea life notepads 5.5 x 9.5cm
Space aliens notepads 5.5 x 9.5cm
Farm animal face stickers
Assorted designs - fun stickers
stretchy farm animals
mini smiley notepads
mini clackers
large click and catch