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Derby Childrens Entertainer Stuart Brown
    Derbyshire's full party magician and childrens entertainer, Stuart Brown, is the West and East Midlands award winning premier childrens party entertainer and party organiser for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Schools and events.

    Based in Derby, Stuart covers the whole of the Midlands area and knows how to put the fun and laughter into your child's Birthday Party or your special wedding day keeping the little ones entertained from start to finish.

    Bring your children's entertainment alive with a party entertainer that knows from experience what makes for a fun packed time. If you would like to know more about Derby Childrens Party Entertainer Stuart Brown and his party packages just have a browse through this website.

    Remember, your son or daughter is only young once and you will have one chance to make their party special or one opportunity for a well run wedding day to hire a childrens entertainer to make sure the children are catered for and so it makes sense to use an experienced full time Childrens Party Entertainer to give the children and their mums and dads a time to remember for all the right reasons.

    For your peace of mind, Magic Stuart is fully DBS checked, has full Public Liability Insurance and all electrical items have been PAT tested to current UK legal standard requirements.

Magic Show with Snowy the live magical rabbit
        This is an interactive magic show that also includes a live magic rabbit called Snowy.

    The magic show is ideal for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Summer Fairs, Schools or any type of event where there will be children.

    Together, with his own unique and fun filled entertainment packages, Derby magician Stuart Brown will make sure that your child's party or wedding event will be a huge success from start to finish.

    If it is a Birthday Party then the Birthday boy or girl will be actively involved in the magic show as it is their very special day and after all they are the star of the party. Childrens party entertainment is not complete without a fun filled magic show that includes a live magic rabbit.

    Snowy the rabbit is very, very tame and the children will get a chance to meet him and have their picture taken with him at the end of the event so don't forget to take a photo of Snowy with your son or daughter.

    He is also brought along to shows for schools and is perfectly happy with indoor and outdoor events.

Mix and Mingle Balloon Modelling
    Balloon modelling is great fun for children of all ages and Magic Stuart can provide fun filled entertainment with his balloon modelling skills.

    Balloon animals are great fun at childrens parties and also for weddings or mix and mingle type events.

    With the 2hr party option they are made as the children are having their party food so that they are being kept entertained throughout as they are having their party food.

    We care about the environment which is why we only use 100% bio-degradable balloons so that any discarded balloons or burst balloons won't cause any long term damage to the planet.

    We also do balloons for mix and mingle type events and they are ideal for weddings where you will have lots of children about. Mix & mingle balloon modelling will make a summer fete or gala day be extra special too.

    Balloon modelling is also great for workshops and throughout the year we do plenty of these for social groups, Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Fetes etc. in Derby and the surrounding areas. Simply use the contact form or look at the prices page for more details.

It's Magic - Party Time
     We provide the music for your party or event which is guaranteed to get the children in a fun party mood. We use popular tunes and feature up to date music that children of all ages love, plus some good old classics.

    We use a modern and professional PA system that is capable of filling a room no matter how small or large without it being too loud for the little ones.

    Children of all ages really love bubbles and a super duper high quality bubble machine is provided no matter which party option is requested. The bubbles, along with the fun party music help to make the party extra special.

    For health and safety reasons it is not always possible for the bubble machine to be included.

    Parties are not complete without party games and Magic Stuart provides everything that is required, with his own unique party games that also include some old favourites.

    No elimination type games are used so everyone takes part and all the prizes and lots of giveaways are included too at no extra cost. These are quality items and no sweets, lollipops or similar items are used as prizes.

Party Bags & Party Shop
    Party bags for Birthdays and Gift Bags for weddings are a must and we can supply these for your Birthday Party or Wedding event.

    The contents are suitable for children of 3 years and older so why not let Magic Stuart take care of these for you so that you won't have loads of items over.

    The great thing too about these is you only pay for the ones required on the day and we will take back those left over and so there is no waste or needless extra expense.  We also have a special deal with party bags so see the prices page for full details.

    Why not make your wedding day extra special by giving gift bags that contain quality items in them for the children at your wedding on your special day. The items are designed to keep the children entertained long after the childrens entertainer has finished.

    Full details of what is included and prices can be found on the party and gift bags page. We can also supply these for Christmas Parties and other events too.   No sweets , lollipops or similar are include , just good items that children will love.

    Derby Childrens entertainer Stuart Brown tries to cater for all your needs which is why we also have a party shop page.

    If you are doing your own party bags then you have probably been round all the shops looking for something suitable that will go in them. It is often difficult to find good items at a reasonable price.

    Whilst Magic Stuart can do the party or loot bags for you for birthday parties to weddings it may be that you have decided to do them yourself but are in need of just a few more items.

    We now can offer our party bag goodies to you at a very reasonable price. Simply head over to the party shop page to see all the details.

    We are adding party bag toys and items constantly to the party bag shop and so it is always best to have a quick look to see if there is anything you require. If you are having a special themed party for your son or daughter then there is bound to be something on there that you can add to make your own party bags extra special.

    If you require any help or info. on any items then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Party Invites
   One of the first things you will need for a child's Birthday Party are some party invites. So, instead of buying these from the shop, only to have some over, we have provided some free ones for you.

    There is no charge for these, they are FREE, simply print off and use to save you time and money.

    To obtain these, simply go to the party invites page where you will find these and print off just the amount that you require.

     These have been produced so that they are printed 2 per A4 page . You will find that they are best printed on paper that is at least 200gsm.

    If you have any problems then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    The party invites can be printed off in colour or black and white, simply adjust the settings on your printer.

    Once printed, all you now have to do is to fill them in and let your son or daughter hand them out to their friends.

Party Colouring Sheets
    Why not have a colouring competition at a Birthday Party or Wedding ?.

    Stuart Brown offers free colouring pages on here to enable you to print off and use for your event.

    Children love to colour things in and here you will find a picture of Magic Stuart for the little ones to colour in.  If you want them to colour in at a party or event just let us know and we can even provide the crayons for the children which we can bring along to a party or event for you.

   Thel colouring pages are free to use as you wish and can be given out prior to a party or event for the children to colour in and then bring along to the party where they will get prizes for the best ones.  If you do this option please let us know.

    Please see the colouring pages for more details.

    The colouring page image is produced to print 2 per page of an A4 sheet so make sure that your printer is set on landscape.

If you would like to enquire about having a Childrens Entertainer at your child's party please use the contact form.

If you want to know more about the party bags or gift bags please take a look at the party and gift bags page.

If you want to know about the different party packages Stuart can offer take a look on the prices page.

Whatever you decide we hope that you find the information on our website useful and informative and wish you all the very best with your party, wedding or event.

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