Derbyshires magic rabbit Snowy - used in the magic show .
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Childrens Party Entertainment - The Shows

Childrens entertainment for your party or event

     When you hire a Childrens Entertainer and Party Organiser for your son or daughter's Birthday Party or maybe it is for the evening reception at a forthcoming wedding event, the main question that you will have is "what does a Children's Entertainer actually do?" . 
After all, it's ok. someone saying that they will keep the children entertained with this and that but when you are paying someone to keep them entertained you want to make sure that you are getting value  for money and not just a glorified babysitter.  The following information is provided here so that you can see what Stuart Brown, Derby's only Full Party Entertainer and Organiser will bring to your special event.
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Birthday Parties

A childrens party entertainer can be one of the best ways to organise a party for your child and is very cost effective compared to other party options.  With Stuart Brown as your childrens entertainer and party organiser you are able to have the full party option that includes a magic show featuring Snowy a live rabbit that your son / daughter helps to make appear, party music, balloon animals, bubble machine, party games plus lots of prizes, giveaways, stickers and lots of fun guaranteed.

     A Birthday Party is your child's special day. You want the attention being on them rather than on time frames. Warehouse type packages have immoveable time constraints. They are usually not run in a way that makes your child feel special. Booking Stuart as your childrens entertainer
guarantees your child will be treated as the most important person at the party, after all it is their special day .  The party package can be
tailored to suit any special requirements you may have.

One of the key ingredients for a competent childrens entertainer is that they are flexible and can meet your requirements. Stuart will listen to what you require and work with you to provide what you want.  For example, you may require party bags or what now is commonly known as loot or goody bags and these can be arranged for you at cost price.  What about prizes? Well what sort of a party is one without lots of prizes for games and giveaways, balloon animals etc.  A good children's entertainer will provide these and Stuart does in abundance.

     Your child's Birthday Party will be the highlight of their year so you want everything to be perfect and so hire an entertainer and party organiser that the children will enjoy, that will not let you down and will be good value for money.

     Stuart, in his colourful costume, stands out from the crowd and with his own unique interactive magic show and party games will ensure that the children have a great time.  All the children get to take part in the party games with no elimination games included.  All children get prizes and giveaways along the way.

     Give Stuart a call today.  01332 768321 

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Carnivals, Fetes, Mix & Mingle, Schools & Walkabout

Stuart, The Magical Children's Entertainer is a very experienced mix and mingle entertainer.   He can drum up the crowds, promoting your latest product, or keep your customers entertained.

     Having worked for many of the UK's leading companies and at numerous prestigious events, Stuart, with his colourful costume, is a very competent balloon modeller, magician, plate spinner and entertainer for all ages.

     With a hands on approach, Stuart is available for Carnivals and Fetes and can provide spinning plates, Juggling balls, wooden stilts amongst other items for children and adults alike to have a go themselves.

     A simple phone call or email with your requirements will enable us to provide what you are after.

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Parties for older children

   If you think that your son or daughter is too old for the traditional childre's party then here is the answer to your problem of what to do.  A team building and/or circus type workshop party is typically for children of ages 7 years and upwards.  Team building parties and activities are also for adults too and we can supply shows for carnivals, summer fairs, fetes etc.

     If you are looking for fun and interactive games to host at your corporate party, then we have some great ideas that we can offer.

     Party games are a great way of breaking the ice between guests that don't know each other. They also help build and bond people in a relaxed environment.

     Team Building, as it is known, refers to a scope of activities for schools, parties, events, organisations and clubs designed for improving team awareness and group bonding. Team building activities range from simple party games to more advanced ideas that are designed to keep everyone thoroughly entertained throughout.  These activities are ideal for older children or adults and can easily be applied at parties, fun days, school activities and similar events.

     The type of games and activities that we can supply are plate spinning, wooden stilts for stilt walking, juggling balls,  etc. all of which children and adults get to have a go.

     The interactive and team building games vary from a turtle racing game, the object of which is, using a pole and rotating it between the hands, to wind in the turtle at the end of a long piece of rope.  This can get very competitive and is fun for everyone.

     Flapping fish is another one where a paper fish has to be 'flapped' with a board from one end of the room or arena to the other.

     Also we have a giant magnetic fishing game which speaks for itself.

     Centipede is where everyone is put into small groups and use "skis" and have to walk as a team from one point to another.

     Ball roll is another fun team building game where the teams have small parts of a very long pipe and have to send a ball from one end to the other.

     Helium is a fun game where using sticks a large inflated ball has to be carried from one area to another.

     Plus lots more.

     Prizes are supplied for all activities involving children.

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party balloon modeller for weddings and corporate events

     It is now fast becoming popular to have a childrens entertainer at a wedding.  Usually there is not the facility at the hotels and function venues to keep the little ones entertained.

     Anyone who has children will know that trying to keep them amused for hours on end during a wedding or evening event can be a daunting task. Wedding days can seem a very long time for young children.

     Stuart totally understands how much time planning a wedding can take, so let Stuart take some of that stress away and book your children's entertainment through him.  With a professional approach, Stuart will look after the children on your big day.  There is more to keeping the children entertained than just playing some music and flashy lights.

     Stuart includes Games and Prizes, Magic Show, Live rabbit, Bubble machine, Balloon Animals, Games, Fun and Laughter. The ideal solution for kids party entertainment and to keeping the children fully entertained and amazed during the speeches or even longer.

  See our dedicated wedding page for more details:  Wedding events

"A highly imaginative and refreshing children's entertainer" .  Quote from The Derby Evening Telegraph

     Stuart produces high quality and affordable 21st Century entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

     The games & the magic combine to keep the whole event fun, lively and keep the children active.

     Take the stress out of your party or special event and leave everything to Stuart.

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