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A magic show for your child's Birthday Party

magic show party entertainer performing at a party
  The cost of holding a party for children is growing more and more each year.  It involves a great deal of time and money. So instead of the worry about how to keep the little ones entertained, why not go for the popular approach and consider booking a magician to keep them entertained. Having a magician for a childrens party is an excellent idea to make hosting a party stress free.

     A magician is the traditional way to entertain the little ones when it comes to a Birthday Party.  Booking a magician to provide entertainment for your child's Birthday Party is excellent, especially if your child is interested in magic. A good magician you hire to perform at a Birthday Party or any event will also provide balloon modelling and party games as extra party ideas for the children to keep them entertained and Derby Childrens entertainer Stuart Brown provides all of this and so is a great choice.

     With many years of experience Magic Stuart can provide the ideal magic and entertainment show for your child's party or event.

  Fees vary a lot for childrens party entertainment but just like other services and products, you get what you pay for.  If you are shopping around for a magician or entertainer then going with the cheapest may not be the best option.

     Ask yourself if you really are getting a better deal by going cheap.  Don't forget that a cheap entertainer won't provide music, party games, balloons, prizes and giveaways.  You may have to provide these yourself or even book another entertainer to do the music and the games which ends up costing more.  A professional childrens entertainer and magician like Magic Stuart will provide what is called the Full Party option where everything is taken care of and all you have to do is the food and party decorations.
    Derby Children's Entertainer Stuart Brown provides a full party entertainment package that includes the magic show, live rabbit, music, bubble machine, balloon animals, games and prizes.  The key thing is to make sure you book a professional. An amateur or part-time magician may be able to perform magic but there is a lot more to being a childrens entertainer than that.

    Will they turn up on time? ( Will they even turn up ? ) Will they be smartly presented? Will they work hard to make sure everyone is treated the same? Will they have the experience to cope with any last minute changes?  Will they actually make the event stress free for you ?.

     A professional magician, like Stuart, who's occupation depends on performing to a high standard regularly will look after all the small details.

Stuart Brown, Magic Stuart,  is still the only Full Party Childrens Entertainer and Full Party Organiser based in Derby.

     Magic is suitable for children of all ages as it is visual and lots of fun for the children at Birthday Parties.  They love to see things happen and will join in excitedly.

Derby Childrens Entertainer Stuart Brown is a very experienced Birthday Party Entertainer who can turn a great Childrens party into a sensational one.  Stuart will make sure it is a success from start to finish so everyone is talking about it for a long time.

Birthday parties are stressful enough without you having to entertain the children as well, Magic Stuart has the experience to take control allowing you time to relax and enjoy yourself.  Get in touch today.  Phone  Stuart Brown  01332 768321  or  email
childrens magic show performance at a fun day event
     So, how do you know someone is a professional? After all, anyone can say they are but what can you do to check that it's true?

1)  Check the magician's website and/ or printed promotional materials. These days, magicians often rely on a website to provide information to prospective clients because it is so easy to keep a website up to date. Of course, this doesn't make them a great magician but it does indicate their professionalism. It can also give you an idea of what a performer is like if you haven't seen them.

2) Check that the magician is a member of a recognised society such as Equity. These societies require magicians to be serious and accomplished performers and is the UK performers union.

3) Is the magician DBS checked.  The DBS is an Executive Agency of the Home Office set-up to help organisations make safer recruitment decisions for adults who work with children.

4) Check that the magician has full public liability insurance. This is very important! The magician will be covered for any accidents that could happen.

5) Has the entertainer had all their electrical equipment 'PAT' tested.  This is a trade term for the safety checking for any electrical equipment used in a show.  This testing is a legal requirement and insurance companies will not pay out if this has not been carried out and any accidents happen.  This is also true for any public liability claims.  It is always best to be safe than sorry.

Magic Stuart has all of the above.